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Chasing The Sun - Puglia, Italy

Our second instalment to our Chasing the Sun collection shot on location in Puglia Italy.

Chasing the Sun is that feeling go being somewhere new and warm. To see new colours, smell new fragrances, eat your way through a city, watch sunsets and wake up for sunrises. As we welcome travel back after a long few years, we embrace life and adventure again. 

Written by Tyla Johnson / 18 November 2022

Our last two oversized styles drop in this collection. Rise & Shine, a 70s all acetate aviator for full coverage with a vintage twist and Broadway & Canal, a rounded square in a shield style shape.

This season sees some exciting new colours such as our exclusive pared terrazzo speckle, inspired by terrazzo tiling and a tan leopard print on clear. A towel in shades of pink, tan and grey, inspired by our terrazzo speckle  in collaboration with Mayde Australia is your perfect beach accompaniment. 

“I was lucky enough to travel to Puglia in September 2018 before a trade show we had in Paris for Pared. I traveled with my husband, our first born Sebastian and a group of friends. It was a truly magical time in our lives filled with long lunches and warm evenings. There is something beautiful about the simplicity of the area whilst still feeling so luxurious and foreign to an Australian girl.”  

Shot on location in Puglia, Italy.

Escape with us and enjoy the sun! 

Model - Denisa

Photographer - Leni Ali 

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