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Chasing The Sun // Uluwatu, Bali

Our first installment to our Chasing the Sun Collection was photographed on location at the Mandala House on the shores of Uluwatu Bali. 

Chasing the sun is that feeling go being somewhere new and warm. To see new colours, smell new fragrances, eat your way through a city, watch sunsets and wake up for sunrises. As we welcome travel back to our lives after a long few years, we embrace life and adventure again. 

Samantha Stevenson-Baker (Founder / Creative Director) 



Written by Tyla Johnson / 18 November 2022

Leni Flashes
Leni Flashes
Leni Flashes
Leni Flashes
Leni Flashes
Leni Flashes
Leni Flashes
Leni Flashes

Hollywood & Vine is ready to take on the city with its sharp lines or perhaps Queen and Concur with its rounded femininity is your classic go to frame. Lo & Behold is our newest mid size square shape that is a true everyday hero. Round & Around is an oval cat eye in new shades of cream and a peach confetti. 

 "Bali has always been a special place for my family and me. We lived there for 5 years when we first started Pared and we would always visit Uluwatu on the weekends as a special escape from the busy streets of Seminyak and Canngu."

This season sees some exciting new colours such as our exclusive pared terrazzo speckle, inspired by terrazzo tiling and a tan leopard print on clear. Escape with us and enjoy the sun!

"For so many Australians Bali is a place we always had on our annual holiday. To visit with family and friends, enjoy good food and warm sunshine,  see friendly people and reset the batteries from our busy lives."

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